Isidore-Stanislas HELMAN (1743-1806) Battles... - Lot 86 - Briscadieu

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Isidore-Stanislas HELMAN (1743-1806) Battles... - Lot 86 - Briscadieu
Isidore-Stanislas HELMAN (1743-1806) Battles and conquests of the Emperor of China. 13 engravings (out of 24) commemorating the victories in Central Asia (1755-1759) of Emperor Qianlong after Castiglione, Damascene, Attiret and Sichelbarth around 1788. The double of the engraving n°10 is attached. Size: 34 x 48 cm. The set includes the following engravings: 1. "Emperor Kien-Long, receives at Gé-Bo, the tributes of the Eleuths, and gives them for King Amow-Sana with the rank of Tsing-Ouang", 1754, after a drawing by Jean-Denis Attiret, engraved by Helman, 1783. 2. "Lau-Ti sent by the emperor to install Amow-Sana and commanding 150 thousand men of the empire's troops, surprised, in a fog, Ta-Oua-Tsi, Amow-Sana's rival, and took a thousand families prisoner without losing a single one of his own", 1755, after a drawing by Jean Damascene, engraved by Helman, 1784. 5. "(...) the imperial armies are very weakened (...) but there is a civil war between the Eleuths (...)", 1757, from a drawing by Giuseppe Castiglione, engraved by Helman, 1784. 6. "(...) the emperor reviews the army which he entrusts to his two generals", [no date], from a drawing by Jean Damescene, engraved by Helman, 1784. 10 "Battle won by Tchao-Hoei", 1758, engraved by Helman, 1785. 12. "First battle between the army of the empire and the army of the two Hot Chows", 1759, from a drawing by Jean Damescene, engraved by Helman, 1785 14. "Battle of Atchow won by Tou-Té against the two Hot-Chows", 1759, from a drawing by Jean-Denis Attiret, engraved by Helman, 1785 16. "The emperor receives tributes from the vanquished peoples ...", 1760, engraved by Helman, 1784. 20 "Ordinary march of the Emperor of China as he passes through the city of Peking", right part of a triptych, painted by a painter of the Emperor of China, engraved by Helman, 1786. 21. "Feast given to the Elderly by Emperor Kien-Long." 22. "The emperor will visit the tombs of his ancestors." 23. "Respectful ceremonies of the Emperor before the tombs of his ancestors." 24. "The Emperor reciting poems in honor of his ancestors" This set by Helman is the reduced (by half) version of the commission from the Emperor of China, Qianlong. This is the 3rd edition (1786-1788) comprising the 20 engravings of the second edition plus 4 engravings on the ceremonies given by the Emperor in favour of the old men and ancestors. The original larger version of the conquests from 1755 to 1759 was ordered by Qianlong from France in 1765. It was based on drawings and paintings by Europeans living in Beijing, Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766), Jean-Denis Attiret (1702-1768), Jean Damascene (?-1781) and Ignace Sickelpart (1708-1780). The Emperor requested an edition of 100 copies, but in order to ensure this order in case of loss at sea, 200 pieces were printed. The set is received in 1775.
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