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Manuscript [HENRI IV - GUYENNE - BARONNIE... - Lot 235 - Briscadieu
Manuscript [HENRI IV - GUYENNE - BARONNIE de BIRON] Charter dated May 21, 1604, confirming the restitution of the barony of Biron by King Henry IV to Jean de Gontaut-Biron, of all property requisitioned by the crown, following the treason and decapitation of his brother Charles de Gontaut, baron de Biron, marshal of France, unmarried and without descendants. The document specifies that Jean de Gontaut-Biron was absent on the day of signing, as he was on a mission as Master of Camp of the Picardie regiment, and was represented by his wife, dame Jehanne de Dormezan, dame de Biron. Spectacular parchment, 4.70m long, made from several pieces of sewn skin. The document has a small gap at the beginning of the text, a few patched parts, a few stains that do not particularly affect reading, pale ink but still clearly legible. A small gap at the end of the document, probably affecting the notary's signature (Étienne Barriac de Villeréal), which nevertheless appears at every binding and mounting of a piece (more exhaustive text available on request). Charles de Gontaut, (1562-1602) duc de Biron, French military officer. Marshal of France, known for his friendship with Henri IV, whom he nevertheless betrayed. He was raised in Biron, in the Périgord region, at the château owned by his family. His mother was Protestant and his father Catholic, but he never converted to the Protestant religion. However, he served Henri IV with as much devotion as intrepidity. Marshal of Camp in 1590, he covered himself in glory during various sieges and campaigns. As a reward, the king showered him with honors. He was named admiral of France and Brittany (1592), marshal of France (1594) and governor of Burgundy. He was created duke and peer of the kingdom (1598) on his land of Biron, then sent on an embassy to Queen Elizabeth. Marshal de Biron was an old friend and comrade-in-arms of Henri IV, but was eternally dissatisfied with the benefits he received from the king. Biron's dream was to revive the Catholic League, and he was ready to foment civil war in France, plotting with the Duke of Savoy to weaken the king and reclaim the lands of Burgundy and Franche-Comté that the Duke had promised him. The plot was revealed by Jacques de La Fin, who had been Biron's agent and emissary. Henri IV, who had already forgiven him for his first treachery in Lyon, tried to obtain repentance for this new crime in order to forgive him once again. The trial for high treason was entrusted to the councillors of the Parliament, and the marshal was imprisoned in the Bastille and sentenced to death. He was beheaded on July 31, 1602.
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