Original Algae Herbarium, collection of marine... - Lot 246 - Briscadieu

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Original Algae Herbarium, collection of marine... - Lot 246 - Briscadieu
Original Algae Herbarium, collection of marine hydrophytes [PHYCOLOGY] - GRATELOUP (Jean-Pierre-Sylvestre de), Dr Superb herbarium dated 1858, constituting a splendid collection of matine hydrophytes followed by a collection (memorandum) to facilitate species determination. 2 notebooks in-4, 140 and 110 leaves containing 322 and 479 specimens respectively, making a total of around 800 miscellaneous specimens, with their scientific names. Each specimen is mounted on a piece of paper, which is then laminated onto the album leaves. Extremely fine herbarium by a true specialist in the field. ½ period basane, ornate smooth spines rubbed and sunned, red title-pieces, black tomaisons, jaws split at the entries, lace fastenings (some broken). Jean-Pierre Sylvestre de Grateloup, born Jean Pierre Sylvestre Grateloup (1782 in Dax-1861 in Bordeaux), French physician and naturalist, was an indefatigable lover of the Southwest. After meeting Jean-Marie Léon Dufour and Jean-Baptiste Bory de Saint-Vincent, he took up botany and, in particular, cryptogamy, and became interested in the shells of his region, especially those around the Adour. He also worked as a doctor in military hospitals, notably in Dax. A corresponding member of the Société linnéenne de Paris, for which he wrote numerous articles (this manuscript was intended for that journal), he was also director of the Musée municipal d'histoire naturelle de Dax, founded from the collection and cabinet of Jacques-François de Borda d'Oro. During his time in Bordeaux (1823-1861), Dr. Grateloup was involved in a wide range of scientific activities concerning living and fossilized organisms, with a particular focus on present-day plants (algae and terrestrial plants) and gastropods (Tertiary and present-day). Other fossils included echinoids from the Landes, marine vertebrates, molluscs such as cephalopods and pteropods. It was during this period that this herbarium was compiled and finalized (dated 1858 on one of the endpapers). He spent a great deal of time classifying his various collections, including up to 4 successive labels for some specimens. S. Grateloup died in Bordeaux on August 25, 1861. During his lifetime, he held an important place in both medical and naturalist disciplines, and enjoyed national renown. Numerous authors dedicated a large number of species and even genera to him, such as the algae Grateloupia and Grateloupella, and the bivalve Grateloupia. This exceptional herbarium on algae, one of the finest we have seen, comes from the same collection as the manuscript on shellfish we presented at a previous sale (sale April 14 & 15, 2023, Hôtel des Ventes Bordeaux Sainte Croix, n°372 - [CONCHYLIOLOGIE]). Herbaria on algae are particularly rare, especially of this quality and so complete and documented.
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