An exceptional copy by the author LABAT (Gustave) Gustave... - Lot 313 - Briscadieu

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An exceptional copy by the author LABAT (Gustave) Gustave... - Lot 313 - Briscadieu
An exceptional copy by the author LABAT (Gustave) Gustave de GALARD, sa vie et son oeuvre (1779-1841) (followed by) Gustave de Galard, sa Vie et son OEuvre (1779-1841). ([With] Supplement. Bordeaux, Féret ; Paris, Libraires Associés, 1896 / Idem, 1898. - Text: In-4; illustrated with 6 plates hors texte. Edition of 240 copies, one of 20 on Hollande (no. 1 bis) with author's signature. truffled, Author's copy with: 1/ "Rapport (: médaille d'or) manuscrit fait à l'Académie des Sciences, Belles Lettres et Arts de Bordeaux sur l'ouvrage de M. Gustave Labat" signed R. Céleste, Curator of the Library, Baron de Verneilh-Puyrazeau, Rapporteur, Marquis G. de Castelnau d'Essenault - 2/ Portrait on Japon paper - 3/ a/Letters dated May 15/19, 1896, letterhead 64 Bd. de Latour-Maubourg, signed Mis. de Galard, June 12, 1896, and June 20, 1896 - b/ Death announcements, November 25, 24, 96 - c/ Letter from Charles Marionneau, June 10, 1896 - d/ Card from Viscount de Pelleport-Burère - e/ Letter from the Marquis, July 9, 1896 - f/ Letters, June 25, 1896, Bx, June 17, 1896 ; Pessac, January 21, 1896; Paris, 58 rue Pierre Charron; Letters from Baron de Puyrabeau, July 3, 1896, from the same, June 28, 1896; Letter from Marquis de Castelnau, August 12, 1896 &c. - g/ Newspaper articles - ff. on "le Bal de Bardineau", 1823 - h/ Letter from La Rochelle, July 15, 1897, Meschinet de Richemond ; & various leaves ("retardataires avec nouvelles trouvailles")... - Supplement : In-4 . Edition of 200 copies (no. 0). One of 20 on Hollande Hollande (author's copy with signature). Incomplete with the papers originally enclosed (in-fine, the margins of the cut-out documents remain). ½ green chagrin with filleted corners, gilt title on spine (unstained for the main work). Interesting and rare biblio-iconographic study of the great artist Philippe Gustave comte de Galard, born in the Gers in 1779, propagator (with Goya!) of lithography in Bordeaux, where he settled at the end of the Revolution. His albums, some of which are extremely rare, bear witness to a Bordeaux that Féret predicted had already disappeared by the end of the 19th century. Precise details of all album plates and original pictorial work. Labadie announces 5 plates for "le vieux La Teste" which are not in this copy. Provenance: Printed bookplate of Gustave Labat, with a series of documents addressed to him and letters in his name.
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